Utility providers should strongly consider equal utility payment plans for Latvians

According to Civinity, one of the largest residential and commercial facility management providers in the Baltic States, more and more residents are interested in equal utility payment plans. Since last year the demand for Civinity's advanced payments for heating grew by 10%.

“We see a positive trend in how residents are planning their utility payments. They are interested in transparent and stable financial flow and thus more often choose services that allow to distribute payments equally throughout the year. However, except for electricity bills, utility providers don’t offer such plans. But considering the rising demand and convenience for residents, we urge market players to explore and eventually introduce equal payment opportunities. Without doubt, this will also help to reduce the overall debt of customers for utility services. It will also create more secure conditions for residents, particularly those who manage their payments responsibly,” comments Remigijus Valentinavicius, Civinity’s Regional Manager for Latvia.

Cvinity has analyzed the 2017-2018 heating season and concluded that residents become more disciplined in terms of paying their utility and building administration bills. The discipline of Civinity customers remains steady between 95-98%. The debt rate usually increases during winter, but with repayments reaching in summer, the overall situations is stable.

Currently, Civinity is servicing engineering and heating systems of residential buildings under its management in order to prepare them for the next season and make sure that heating can be turned on at short notice