Survey: Every second resident of the largest cities trusts their residential caretaking service provider

A survey commissioned by Civinity Group, which controls housing administration companies, shows that half of residents of Vilnius and Kaunas fully trust their residential caretaking service providers. The survey also showed that the majority of residents knew where to apply in case of a utility emergency in their block of flats.  

The survey carried out on behalf of Civinity Group covered Lithuanian and Latvian residents. In Lithuania,   residents who trust their residential caretaking service provider make up 52 per cent in Kaunas, 51 per cent in Vilnius, and 40 per cent in Klaipėda. Although a bit lower, the trust indicators in the neighbouring Latvian are still quite high: 33 per cent in Riga and 46 per cent in Jūrmala.

The survey also showed that the residents knew what to do and where to apply in case of a utility emergency in their block of flats. 61 per cent of Vilnius residents said that in case of a utility emergency or malfunction they would apply to their housing administrator, compared with 47 per cent in Kaunas and 41 per cent in Klaipėda. In the neighbouring Latvia, the trust indicators of Riga and Jūrmala residents are also quite high, with 47 per cent of residents in Riga and 46 per cent residents in Jūrmala saying that they would apply to their housing administrator.

“Trust in housing administrator has increased significantly in the recent years. If some time ago the residents did not distinguish the providers of power, gas and other utility services from the housing administrator, today things are quite different. If residents need some assistance they know where to apply – they can distinguish between the responsibilities of the housing administrator and the provider of utility services,” says Country Manager for Lithuania of Civinity Group Nerijus Šarauskas.

According to N. Šarauskas, the housing administrator can gain the trust of residents through open and effective communication as well as providing residents with information about ongoing activities and planned works, and answering questions that are important for residents. “We operate in a rather complex sector where everyday activities involve the elimination of malfunctions and dealing with various problems. So, we are glad that people trust housing caretaking service providers more and more. Trust cannot be gained in one day or one month. It takes time and is the result of a long-term relationship with residents, proper communication and high quality services. Therefore, any achievement in this area is very important to us,” stated N. Šarauskas.

According to the survey, about 30 per cent of participants said that in case of a utility emergency they would also approach the provider of certain service, consult with a residential building manager or an earnest neighbour (6 per cent), with 14 per cent not knowing at all where to apply in case of malfunction in their house.

N. Šarauskas said that there is a tendency of the changing customer in Lithuania and Latvia – the new customer is more interested in services provided by the housing administrator. The residents of both countries are interested in services they are provided with and how much they are charged for them, however, the Latvians are more demanding and interested in extra services, such as concierge or security. This tendency becomes apparent in Lithuania as well.

The survey of the residents of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Riga and Jūrmala was carried out by SPINTER research and covered 773 participants.

Civinity Groups owns Lithuania-based housing administration companies Senamiesčio Ūkis, Ozo Miestas, Būsto Valda, Debreceno Valda, Vitės Valdos, Klaipėdos Bendrabutis, Palangos Butų Ūkis, Kretingos Būstas, and Latvia-based residential and commercial building administration companies AS Hausmaster, SIA CS Komercserviss, SIA Home Master, SIA Labo Namu Agentūra, SIA Jūrmalas Naimsaimnieks and others.