Recycling made easier for households: 1,650 boxes for used batteries are mounted in multi-family apartment blocks

Approximately 400 thousand batteries, qualified as hazardous waste, are reportedly placed on the Lithuanian market on average every year. Residents of multi-family apartment blocks in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Palanga and Kretinga will soon benefit from much easier recycling: before summer 1.650 boxes for collecting used batteries will be mounted in staircases of multi-family apartment blocks administered by Civinity group of companies.

“The majority of residents still dispose of batteries into general waste. Until now there have hardly been any recycling arrangements made in multi-family apartment blocks in Lithuania: in order to dispose of batteries posing health and environmental hazard and potentially harmful, residents have to go to the nearest shop which have boxes for collecting recyclable batteries. Thus, in order to turn recycling into habit, residents should benefit from proper arrangements”, said Nerijus Šarauskas, regional manager for Lithuania of Civinity group of companies.

In cooperation with Žalvaris company which collects and handles hazardous and non-hazardous waste, there will be 650 large and 1,000 smaller boxes for collecting used batteries mounted in multi-family apartment blocks administered by Civinity companies. It has been estimated that these boxes should collect up to 18 tones of used batteries from households per year. 

“We have noticed that with a growing number of people conscientious about healthy lifestyles, a sustainable, safe and friendly living environment there is a growing trend towards recycling. Many residents welcome boxes for collecting batteries in their living environment. Youth is most favourably disposed towards this innovation, whereas senior citizens, who sometimes find it difficult to change old habits, may need more time to adjust to recycling. Indeed, we come across various items in all shapes and sizes which people squeeze into the boxes for collecting batteries. Nevertheless, we keep on raising public awareness, put up information leaflets promoting recycling and highlighting its benefits for everybody, including ourselves”, said Kristina Kavaliauskienė, director for sales of Žalvaris company. 

According to the plan, there are 150 boxes to be mounted in staircases of multi-family appartment blocks in Vilnius, whereas by the month of June there will be over 1,000 such boxes mounted in Kaunas, with a further 500 boxes to appear in Klaipėda region (in Klaipėda, Kretinga, Palanga). Once full, a larger box may contain 15 kg of batteries, whereas the capacity of a smaller one is 8 kg.

Civinity group of companies administers 8 housing companies in Lithuania and 5 in Latvia. A total area administered by the group of companies exceeds 5 mln. sq.m. in Lithuania. Civinity group owns the following housing companies based in Vilnius: Senamiesčio ūkis and Ozo miestas, in Kaunas – Būsto valda, in Klaipėda – Debreceno valda, Vitės valdos and Klaipėdos bendrabutis, in Palanga – Palangos butų ūkis and in Kretinga – Kretingos būstas.