Latvian SRS awards Civinity with a Letter of Appreciation for fair tax payment

Latvian subsidiaries of Civinity, one of the largest residential and commercial facility management providers in the Baltic State, received a Letter of Appreciation from the Latvian State Revenue Service (SRS) for beings a fair and responsible taxpayer.

According to SRS, Civinity is acknowledged as an excellent taxpayer and thus has the gratitude of the institution for the contribution to the welfare of the country, its people and their common prosperity.

Latvia’s State Revenue Service regularly assesses companies for meeting their tax obligations. For the fifth year in a row, SRS prepares a list of exemplary businesses which honestly fulfil their financial obligations and contribute to the budget at least 100 000 EUR in taxes. Emphasizing the importance of tax payments for the country’s development, SRS issues letters of gratitude which also confirm that the companies will not be subject to tax control measures until May 1st of the following year. Latvian SRS has distinguished 2236 companies, including those in the Civinity group: AS Hausmaster, CS Apkope and VBS Serviss.

In order for the company to be included in the list, SRS thoroughly evaluates and analyses a wide range of factors, including, but not limited to: average salary rates, paid taxes and total turnover ratio, profits and losses, VAT refunds, tax debts and tax-related risks, partner-related risks, suspicion transactions, customs and excises risks.

The Letters of Appreciation are available via links: AS Hausmaster, CS ApkopeVBS Serviss.