Civinity suspends the offering of tranche I of the bond programme and plans to resume it until September this year

Pursuant to Section “Cancellation, Suspension or Postponement of the Offering” of the base prospectus for the programme for the offering of bonds of AB “Civinity” (the “Company”) in the amount of up to EUR 10,000,000, approved by the Bank of Lithuania on 29 May 2017 (decision No. 241-97 on the approval of the base prospectus, the “Base Prospectus”) and referring to other relevant sections of the Base Prospectus, the Company hereby informs that the Board of the Company, having consulted with the offering broker UAB FMĮ “Orion securities”, on 13 June 2017 decided to suspend the offering of Tranche I (up to EUR 5,000,000) of the bond offering programme (the “Offering”).

It has been decided to suspend the Offering temporarily, taking into consideration that the Company and the bank financing its activities intend to review the possibilities of financing the Company’s development. As the Offering attained interest of the investors, the Company intends to resume the Offering until September 2017.

The Company also informs that the subscriptions for the Tranche I bonds submitted by the investors are not valid and the payments for the bonds in the Company will be refunded to all the investors who have paid for the subscriptions as soon as possible and in any event within three business days after the date of the publication of this notification.

Any decisions of the Company on the resuming of the Offering, the amendment of the timetable of the Offering and other relevant provisions (if any), will be published in the same manner as the Base Prospectus. If necessary, before resuming the Offering, the Bank of Lithuania will also be addressed for the approval of a supplement to the Base Prospectus, which upon approval will be published in the same manner as the very Base Prospectus.