Civinity Group announces about changes in the Management Board

Civinity Group, a provider of administration and maintenance services for households and other types of buildings in Lithuania and Latvia, has announced about changes in the company’s Management Board. Vitoldas Sapožnikovas has been appointed Chairman of the Management Board.

“Stable growth and development represents the objective of our group. Our group has experienced rapid growth in the recent years, so we hope that the changes in the Management Board will help us to make the management of processes of the Group’s companies more efficient and allow us to focus on the development by ensuring smooth acquisition of new companies,” said V. Sapožnikovas.

V. Sapožnikovas took over from Giedrius Jakubauskas as Chairman of the Management Board on February 1. G. Jakubauskas will continue his work in the management board. He will be the Group’s financial director.

Civinity Group controls 15 household administration companies in Lithuania and Latvia. The area of buildings controlled by the Group is over 5.73 million m².

Top Management of Civinity Group.