“Civinity” advises: what should you expect from the house administrator?

Living in an apartment building means management and maintenance of both your apartment and common premises together with the neighbours. In order to make this process smoother and residents have less trouble, they can create the community of residents and take care for the maintenance of the building or entrust the maintenance of the building and its environment to the house administrator.

What services may the residents expect and require from their house administrator? Why is it better to hire the house administrator instead of the self-service? What kind of requests does the administrator receive most often?

These and other questions are answered by Nerijus Šarauskas, the Country Manager of Civinity Lithuanian Branch.

Why is it worth to choose Administrator for the maintenance of the apartment building? Are there obvious advantages?

The residents have the right to choose one of three possible forms of property maintenance. They can do it not only by appointing the Administrator or creating the community of the residents but also by concluding the joint activities agreement. In most cases, selection of the housing management form depends on the residents, their mutual relations, the type and size of the building, as well as many other factors.

But there are two obvious arguments to choose the Housing Administrator. Firstly, the Administrator is impartial in all cases. The Administrator treats equally all rights, needs, cares and wishes of all residents. During the process of management of common assets there are situations when impartial moderator is very useful and necessary to satisfy the needs of the majority of the residents.

Secondly, in most cases the Housing Administrator is cheaper than the community. As our experience prove, maintenance of the community costs a lot. All situations are definitely different, but from economic point of view the community is not a cheaper management form than the administrator.

In recent years there is a new trend – the residents who have chosen to manage their property on the basis of the community or joint activities, are increasingly applying to the administrator asking for specific services, including maintenance of the building, localization of emergency situations, accounting and provision of services of the chairman of the building.

There are more arguments as well. The administrator takes care for many buildings, so he/she has various experiences, cooperate with contractors from various fields, hire the necessary specialists as needed and may guarantee the quality of their works in advance. Administration management specialists are constantly taking care for the condition of the building and may immediately answer almost all questions related to the administered house, offer necessary solutions and therefore solve the concerns of the residents. It is the most important administrator’s task. While the chairman of the community of the residents takes maintenance of the building is an additional activity, although it requires specific knowledge and enough of personal time.

What kinds of services are provided by the house administrator?

Firstly, these are administration services related to the building and its environment. The administrator is constantly communicating with the residents about the state of the building; he/she legally represents the residents, organizes the meetings and voting of the owners of the property in all issues related to the management of common property, solves the problems and fulfils the wishes of the residents related to improvement of the living environment.

Also, the Housing Administrator organizes maintenance of the common constructions and engineering systems (heating, water supply, sewage and electricity). Our specialists are regularly assessing the situation of the building and carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the building on the yearly basis. We present their conclusions to the residents and stress the need of urgent renewal and repair works which are necessary to maintain the common property, improve the life quality or even ensure the safety of the residents. In most cases, such works include roof repair or change works, façade joints filling, water supply and sewage system repairs and renewal of electricity systems. All the mentioned works require approval of the residents. Therefore, the administrator plans the works and prepares the plans for annual or long-term maintenance and renewal works for the building.

Another important service provided by the administrator is proper accounting of costs intended for the maintenance of the building, or distribution of the costs intended for the maintenance of the building to the residents. Any renewal or repair of residential premises is a costly process for all owners of the property; therefore, these costs are divided in proportion to the area of the managed property and submitted to the residents by the Housing Administrator.

These are the most important functions of the administrator. However, in addition to them, the administrator carries out numerous daily works, such as elimination of crashes in residential apartments or, at the request of the residents, declaration of the readings of the electricity meters instead of the residents themselves.

How do we know that the house administrator works well?

The most obvious indicator of the administrator’s work is the state of the building. Regardless of the age of the building, if it is tidy and maintained and the residents have the proposals for renewal submitted, it means that the administrator carries out his/her work in good faith.

Another very important criterion is administrator’s communication with the residents. How fast do the specialists answer the questions or register inquiries and problems of the residents and how do they react to them? How many meetings are organized during the course of the year to discuss the needs of the residents? Are the residents constantly informed about the works carried out in the building?

For example, the companies belonging to Civinity Group have the call centre; therefore, we register and track all inquiries of the residents, control the course of solution of issues and regularly inform the residents about the situation in their building.

After answering the mentioned questions, the residents may evaluate the activities of the administrator very accurately.