Civinity strengthening its position in the Latvian market

Civinity, the leading international group of companies in the region offering a full range of high quality services in the fields of real estate facility management, maintenance, and operation, has come to an agreement on the acquisition of the Latvian building maintenance company RBSSKALS Serviss.

The Civinity Group is currently the largest private building maintenance and management company in Latvia. In addition to the newly acquired company, SIA Jūrmalas Namsaimnieks, АS Hausmaster and SIA Homemaster also belong to the Civinity Group in the neighbouring country.

“We are pleased about this deal and the success of our development in Latvia, which will not stop with this acquisition. We plan on buying at least one more company by the end of the year. We are creating a high service quality standard in all of the countries where our group of companies provides services,” says Civinity CEO Vitoldas Sapožnikovas.

Civinity is an international group of companies which provides services in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkans. The total area of facilities under its management is 5.3 million m2. This includes residential buildings as well as commercial properties and public buildings such as schools, sports facilities and specialized buildings for technical use. The company’s consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 15.1 million in 2015. This year the company plans to increase its turnover to EUR 40 million. The Civinity Group employs 1,500 people.