Civinity Group invests €0.55 million in the upgrade of the vehicle fleet

Civinity Group, a provider of administration and maintenance services for households and other types of buildings, has invested more than a half million euros in the upgrade of the Group’s vehicle fleet, by acquiring 50 new vehicles.

With a view to optimising expenditure and reducing costs, we have decided to invest in the modernisation of the vehicle fleet. According to our estimations, it is more effective to invest in the acquisition of new vehicles than to repair the existing ones. We hope that this investment will pay off in the coming next years,” said chairman of Civinity Group’s management board Vitoldas Sapožnikovas.

According to Sapožnikovas, the upgrade of the Group’s vehicle fleet will help to optimise the costs of the fleet’s management and improve the quality of services for Civinity customers. GPS equipment will allow better tracking of vehicle routes and scheduling time for repair works and other services.

The head of Civinity Group said that the Lithuanian fleet was updated with 34 new Peugeot Partner vehicles, while the Latvian fleet got 16 cars. Currently, the Lithuanian and Latvian fleets own 60 and 120 vehicles, respectively.